Community Gathers to Honor Margaret Heath Elementary

The event, organized in partnership by the Baldwin Park Unified School District and Margaret Heath Elementary School staff, welcomed families, students, staff, alumni, and community members for a farewell gathering.

Margaret Heath, who was a remarkable pioneer and a devoted teacher in the District since 1906, was appointed as the school’s principal. Upon Mrs. Heath's retirement in 1930, the school was officially named in her honor.

The event’s festivities began with the tune of the national anthem played by the Baldwin Park High School band. Guests were treated to a barbeque featuring hot dogs and hamburgers, grilled by kitchen staff and guest griller Superintendent Froilan N. Mendoza. Attendees enjoyed soft drinks and cookies while reminiscing at a memory history wall adorned with historic photographs, touching mementos, and cherished school memorabilia.

Special guests included members of the Board of Education, elected officials, past staff and alumni, and former principals. The celebration featured a heartfelt ceremony where Principal Stephen Compton shared uplifting words for the school community. Retired teachers gave speeches, students read the history of the school, and the final Margaret Heath scholarship winners were announced. The tradition of the Margaret Heath scholarship began in 1951 and the school community has honored Margaret Heath by fundraising for the scholarship that is granted every year to a Heath alumnus to help pay for their post-secondary education.

In a unique highlight, the school's dedicated custodian, Sonia Preisser, read a poem from her upcoming children's book dedicated to the school community. 

The event was a moving tribute to the enduring impact Margaret Heath Elementary School has had on generations of students and families.


Heath_1: Margaret Heath alumni and staff pose for a group photo at the Margaret Heath Celebration. 

Heath_2: Nutrition workers serve hamburgers at the Margaret Heath Celebration. 

Heath_3: Margaret Heath Principal Stephen Compton (right) poses for a photo with school secretary Maureen Roe (middle right), school community liaison Karla Contreras (middle left), and Assistant Principal Emma Rodarte (left).

Heath_4: The Margaret Heath memory wall displayed at the school’s celebration. 

Heath_5: Margaret Heath Elementary students read the history of Margaret Heath in English and Spanish.